I.Burdonov, Alexander Kossathcev, Alexander Petrenko, Dmitri Galter.
KVEST: Automated Generation of Test Suites from Formal Specifications.
Proceedings of Formal Method Congress, Toulouse, France, 1999, LNCS, No. 1708, pp.608-621.
14 стр.


KVEST - Kernel VErification and Specification Technology - is based on automated test generation from formal specifications in the RAISE specification language. The technology was developed under contract with Nortel Networks. As of 1999, the methodology and toolset have been applied in three industrial project dealing with verification of large-scale telecommunication software. The first project, the Kernel Verification project, gives its name to the methodology and the toolset as a whole. Results of this project are available from the Formal Methods Europe Application database [13]. It is one of the biggest formal method application presented in the database. This paper provides a brief description of the approach, comparison to related works, and statistics on completed projects.