I.B. Burdonov, V. P. Ivannikov, A.S. Kossatchev, S. D. Kuznetsov, A. N. Tomilin.
Operating System of the Multi-machine Computer AS-6.
Perspectives on Soviet and Russian Computing. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, 2011, Volume 357/2011, pp. 31-35, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-22816-2_5.
5 стр.
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The S.A. Lebedev Institute developed operating system for the AS-6 distributed computing system (OS AS-6) in the 1970s. The OS AS-6 consisted of peer operating systems of separate machines making up the AS-6 computer system. Those operating systems interacted through a uniform interface. The OS AS-6 facilitated interaction between computation processes on the nodes of the AS-6 system through a network together with their interaction with the global network. It provided the possibility for any process in the AS-6 system to use all the devices connected with the nodes of the AS-6 computer both with addressing and with usage of external devices. It also supported a pipeline operation of the computers in the AS-6 system performing real-time processing of large data streams of spacecraft missions. The operating systems of the nodes of the AS-6 system had a special means for parallel processes management, including task hierarchy organization and information processing management within a single task.


Distributed computing system operating system