I.B. Burdonov, A.S. Kossatchev.
Specification Completion for IOCO.
Programming and Computer Software,Vol. 37, No. 1, 2011, pp. 1-14.
14 стр.
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The paper is devoted to the ioco relation, which determines conformance of an implementation to the specification. Problems related to nonreflexivity of the ioco relation, presence of nonconformal traces (which are lacking in any conformal implementation) in the specification, lack of the ioco preservation upon composition (composition of implementations conformal to their specifications may be not conformal to the composition of these specifications), and “false” errors when testing in a context are considered. To solve these problems, an algorithm of specification completion preserving ioco is proposed (the class of conformal implementations is preserved). The above-specified problems are lacking in the class of completed specifications.