Yevtushenko, Nina & Burdonov, Igor & Kossatchev, Alexander & López, Jorge & Kushik, Natalia & Zeghlache, Djamal.
Test Derivation for the Software Defined Networking Platforms: Novel Fault Models and Test Completeness.
Proceedings of 2018 IEEE East-West Design and Test Symposium, EWDTS 2018 8524712, pp. 1-6.
6 стр.


Software Defined Networking (SDN) platforms are used in many applications and thus, should be thoroughly verified and tested before deployment; there are a number of research papers proposing various approaches for their verification. The next step is to test whether all the items are proceeding properly, i.e., to test the platform. As the requests can be considered as sets of paths which have to be properly implemented, the inputs of the System Under Test (SUT) are appropriate graphs (and packets traversing those graphs) while the output that can also be considered as a set of paths with appropriate parameters, is obtained via the appropriate platform monitoring. Correspondingly, for testing, we use a socalled proactive approach: check a submitted set of paths after forwarding a packet with appropriate parameters. We define several fault models (under different testing assumptions) with respect to the underlying resource connectivity graph (RNCT). Some conditions for deriving a complete test suite as well as the complexity upper bounds with respect to defined fault models are also established.